Natuzzi sofa review: Natuzzi sofa problem follow-up video showcasing build quality

Four and a half months and a repair visit later, here’s an update on the sofa, complete with a peek inside to see how Natuzzi makes their sofas.

The Natuzzi rep who had been looking into my problem no longer works for the company, and there was initially some confusion as to who would take over my case. The new person had asked to be given time to consult with a superior, and was to call me back on Monday, a week and a half later as that person was currently in China. I got a call that Monday saying that superior was ill, and would look into my situation and call back Tuesday. Tuesday came and went, so I started taking this video. During the time I was uploading, I got a call from the new Natuzzi rep saying that they’re of the opinion that the sofa’s fine. Apparently that consultation only served to delay me a further two weeks. BUYER BEWARE.