My Hue lightstrip and vanity setup

In this video I installed a philips hue lightstrip plus on my wife’s existing makeup station. I decided to go with the philips lightstrip plus after trying another lightstrip that I got from Amazon, but that displayed every colour but white. The second option was a lightstrip from Illume, but I got the warm light instead of the bright light, and my wife wasn’t too pleased with that. So i finally decided to go the more expensive route and just get the Philips Hue lightstrip plus since we already had most of our light bulbs being in the Friends of Hue family.

All you need for this setup:
1.Drill with a half inch bit to create a hole to feed the power cord from the back of the mirror frame.
2. The Philips Hue lightstrip plus kit
3. Safety glasses.
4. A mirror

How to:

1. Drill a hole to feed the power cord through. (In this video I made the hole too far out. I’ll suggest making the hole to line up with the first side where you’ll be running the lightstrip.
2. Feed the wire through the hole then make your connections (remember to keep the actual light strip on the side where the mirror is)
3. Before sticking the strip, clean the surface that you’re going to mount the lightstrip.
4. Do a test run before mounting.
5. Mount the strip to the surface where you want it to be.
(What I did here was to create a kink in the wire to get it to come back flat when changing directions. If you want it to look seamless when the lights are off, if there’s a lip around the mirror then you can run the strip on the inside of the lip, so instead of the strip facing you, the LEDs would be facing each other.

6. If you already had an existing Philips Hue system operating in your home, just open the Philips Hue App, search for bulbs, then name your lightstrip whatever you want, and select which room it is in. I named this light strip ‘Nat’s makeup studio.
7. If you are new to friends of hue, then you’ll just have to plug in the light strip, plug in the hue bridge, connect the hue bridge and your modem using an ethernet cable, search for the lights using the Hue app, then press the button on the hue bridge to automatically connect them. Now you’re ready to select the perfect white to do your makeup, or take snapchat pictures, or paint your walls with 16 million different colours (Not at once)

FTC: This video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own