My Amiibo Collection Tour (Early 2016)! I hope you enjoy!
The Container Store 3-Tier Organizer:
Toy Hunting with Lamarr Wilson at Puzzle Zoo (CoinOpTV)
PDP Warp Pipe for Amiibo:


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My name is Lamarr Wilson, and for the last 7+ years this channel has been about showcasing FUN. From toys, games, challenges, taste tests, cool gadgets, cool apps, to vlogs and a ton more randomness, there’s something for everyone! I’m an adult having fun, and I’m giving you permission to have fun too! It’s okay to like toys, games, & weird things! If I can make you laugh after a hard day at school or work, & maybe you invest in something I’ve shown for your own happiness, then I’ve done my job. Thank you for watching my videos and for your support, and let’s continue to have fun together!


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My Disney Infinity Collection Tour!


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