Mounting of VU LED TV on Wall (Hindi) (720p HD)

Watch out easy steps to mount VU 32″ LED TV on the Wall of Drawing Room by Subhash (Hisar). (Voice : Hindi)

Instruction of installing Wall Bracket of VU 32 inch LED TV

1) Drill the holes by the size as illustrated in video and insert the expansive bolts (M8 x 70)

2) Fix the wall bracket with nuts onto the expansive bolts.

3) Put the TV set on the level table on which is the pad cloth or other soft material and support enough weight. Backout 4 screws at the bottom and remove the bas from the unit.

4) Install 2 hanging wheels onto the back cover with screws, and install 2 plastic brackets and stick 2 washers onto the positions as shown in video (Backside of VU 32” LED TV).

5) Hang the whole unit with hanging wheels on the fixed wall bracket, at the top of which was tightened with screws M4 x 35 to avoid the accidental fall of the whole unit off the wall bracket.

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Precautions :

1) Do not attempt to install VU 32 inch LED TV by yourself. Refer all installation to qualified servicing personnel.

2) Do not install the VU LED TV on a sloping wall that makes the TV screen slant over 10 degrees from the vertical or it may tumble.

3) Before installation, examine whether the wall conforms to the specifications and whether the supplied parts can be fixed to it example cement wall or brick wall. Do not attempt to install the VU LED TV on a flexible wall such as sheetrock wall or plaster wall, etc. If the rigidity of the wall can not be measured, every mounting hole should sustain axial normal stress over 100N and shearing stress over 200N.

4) Use the provided spare parts to fix. Do not change the screw specifications at will.

5) Drilling in the wall should be carried out as required and the drilling holes should conform to the specifications. Otherwise, it may cause the hidden danger.

6) To avoid fire and shock, do not place a radiator, heater or humidifier below the installed VU LED TV.

7) The VU LED TV should be kept away from moisture, sensors and power line. Or it may cause electric conduction, the electric shock or the resonating accident.

8) Do not install the LED TV in the place where there are other power input and where it is easy to crash, or produces vibration.

9) After the whole unit has been installed well, do not put any external force onto the whole unit to avoid the fall of it.

10) Make sure the power is cut off before installation; during the instalment, keep the screen from hard objects or other sharp ones.

11) If you want to move this unit after installation, please contact the professional technicians.

We are especially thankful to Subhash (Hisar) for unique assist for creating this video.

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