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This beautiful gooseneck tiny house is named “Molly” and was built by Britni & Justin Portrey at Tiny is Now. The Molly is 32-feet long with 8-feet above the gooseneck hitch.
The roof is split into three sections: an 11-foot Dutch gable metal roof over loft and kitchen, a 21-foot shingle A-frame roof over the middle, and best of all, an 8-foot roof deck over the gooseneck that provides a great space to entertain and enjoy the outdoors! The home has Smartside siding with a chevron accent piece, metal skirt, and wood window trim.

Twelve-foot ceilings and a mixture of natural wood and satin white surfaces combine to create a spacious, comfortable living space. The living room is located over the gooseneck and has some privacy from the rest of the house.

The kitchen includes a full size freestanding range, 3/4 refrigerator, and green cabinetry that matches the exterior siding. A bay window with bench storage seat creates a nice reading nook. Storage stairs provide access to the bedroom loft located above the kitchen.

Next to the kitchen is a wall mounted breakfast bar with live edge and two barstools. The bathroom includes a glass bowl sink, closet space, flush toilet, and tile shower.

The Molly is currently for sale with an asking price of $98,000.

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