Modern Living Room And Kitchen Combo With Industrial Touches

This open-plan kitchen and living room combo is done in modern style with touches of industrial. Such a merging helps to make both rooms more spacious and get advantage from every inch of space.

The walls are covered with rough concrete, and so is the ceiling and the floors to hint on industrial style. Here concrete creates a modern ambience and to make it softer and cozier the designer used light-colored wood in the kitchen and bold yellow accents.

The kitchen walls including the door are covered with chalkboard, and light-colored wood of the cabinets and furniture contrasts with it perfectly. The bookshelf in the living space continues this idea. Chalkboard is perfect to leave messages and as a budget-friendly cover for a backsplash. The chairs have also an industrial flavor with their metal grid backs.

I love the idea of warming up the space with bright yellow accents like this sofa and a couple of accessories and warm-colored light wood cabinets, this is what can give cold concrete a cozy look.