Modern Concrete Beach House Design with Rooftop Terrace

contemporary roof roof terrace construction roof terrace design

Modern concrete beach house built on 178 sqm parcel. Construction of modern concrete beach house floor plans consists of three floor levels. First is concrete basement area for bedrooms. Second is ground floor consisting of large space for living and kitchen, central inner courtyard patio, and two big bedrooms. Last is rooftop terrace plan consisting of tiny swimming pool, outdoor kitchen for BBQ, and roofed area for dining and relax.
First, let’s take a look this contemporary beach house front elevation. From front appearance, open plan house of ground floor presented. Full openings of glass sliding doors reveal this beach house living interior. At side of living area is kitchen. From front elevation, the kitchen area obstructed by exposed concrete lattice wall frame fro privacy. Above it, raw exposed concrete planting bed become tiny garden for roof terrace area. The simple front elevation design combined with modest lawn garden with center concrete blocks pavers.
The living room arrangement is so simple. At the center, coffee table surround by long sofa facing the kitchen while TV display cabinet facing the front yard. Two wooden potato chip chairs accompanied sofa for seating. Interesting thing is the couch sofa furnishing. The sofa is built-in concrete sofa, nice idea for DIY concrete sofa for interior implementation. Five seating cushions in white color become catalyst of raw cement plaster. The kitchen area of this modern residence has white concept. White kitchen cabinetries combine with black accent of kitchen table surface. The ceiling has no decoration beside lamps, raw concrete ceiling left as is.