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In this video I build the stove for my miniature kitchen.

Do you know where this is going?

The stove was a fairly easy build. I used fomex board to build the stove which can withstand the heat most of the time, but the top bar did warp and bend a little bit due to the heat from the aluminium top so I will have to replace that with hardboard.

The metal top is simply made of aluminum from a can. You can use a box cutter, or scissors to cut up a can and then take a marker to draw on a circle, and carve it out with a box cutter.

I will be making changes to this stove in the future. I will need to add air holes to the top to allow enough oxygen to get inside, I will also be changing the metal grate I used as the current metal smokes if it comes in contact with the flame. So I will need a material that does not burn when it touches fire.


Materials used:

Fomex board
Acrylic paint
PVC glue
Aluminium can
metal sheeting
Silver paint marker


Size and Deminsions:

Click on the video to see the size and deminisions used to build this.


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