mini rotating table DIY (2in1). How to make table for demonstrations and time lapse

– rotary table on a solar battery.
A simple rotating table of hours with your own hands.
I came up with TWO APPLICATIONS:
1. Demonstration of small items. Second hand.
2. Shooting the time lapse 360 ​​° (interval or frame-by-frame shooting). Minute and hour hands. I did a time lapse action packed camera SJCAM SJ5000X ELITE –

* Need a flat surface
* The item should be light
* The thing should be placed in the center
* To create a timelapse there should be no windy weather.

+ Http:// – Clock mechanism with arrows
+ Http:// – Battery or battery
+ CDs
+ Plastic (I used plastic cards)
+ Http:// – Super glue
+ Http:// – Duct tape
+ White paper
+ Http:// – Screwdriver
+ Http:// – Drills cone
+ Http:// – Wood Drill
+ Http:// – drills for metal
+ Http:// – Ruler
+ Http:// – Pencil

1. Mark the center on the plastic. You can circle a circle and cut it to make the platform easier.
2. In the center, glue the arrow (it is not necessary to clean it), cut off excess. If the edge turned out to be sharp, then treat it with a file a little.
3. As a matter of fact to drill an aperture in plastic it is necessary only for the second hand depending on diameter of a convex part. For the minute hand, this is not necessary, the main thing is to stick it exactly in the center. If the minute and hour hands are not even, then they need to be straightened with pliers, so that they fit well against the plastic.
4. Stick the disc on top. To create a timelapse, this is enough.
5. For use as a demonstration table, you need to cut and paste a paper circle. You can and something else .. at your discretion.

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