Making Floating Shelves

A small project that brought some color to one of the walls of my room where I keep the “room corner woodshop”. Made six floating shelves, three used for my needs, other three for my wife’s mini vintage collection that she likes to buy from antique markets.

●Tools used in the video
Stanley Low Angle Block Plane
Dozuki Saw US: EU:
MHG Chisels (6/8/12/16/26mm)
Kebiki Marking Gauge
Veritas Mini Router Plane
Mini Try Square
Mitre Square
Dremel Router Base
Bosch GKS 12V Circular Saw

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Initially I planned to make the Tool Cabinet
( ) from mahogany, and bought these boards from big box stores, but were too twisted to be used, and the effort to hand plane them for fine work didn’t sound very fun. Neither for other small or more complex projects I wasn’t happy to use them, due to the difficulty to see the scribes and marks on its color. So eventually I decided to use them as some simple but useful wall shelves.

The shelf design includes a circa 4”x 14” ( 95 x 350 mm) board, with some couple of degrees chamfer along the three visible edges, just to add some asian – japanese look, and two small pieces fitted with cross joint where I drilled some keyholes with the Dremel router bits to simply hang them on the wall. For one shelf, just for the sake of diversity, I added some pine strips margins, making rebates along the board edges, and made a better cross joint for the supports.

Thanks for watching!

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