Making an Authentic Hand-Made Japanese Futon in 247 Seconds

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In this video watch a futon being assembled before your very eyes. Here you will see why authentic, Japanese futon are superior to anything on the market. sells premium hand-crafted futons made by a true futon master in his small, family-fun business in Kochi, Japan.

– Top Quality Available: Our master-crafted 100% authentic Japanese futons are hand-made by a small family-owned business in Kochi, Japan.

– Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store: Our traditional Japanese futons contain natural cotton filling and no heavy, bulky polyurethane foam pads.

– Easy Care & Easy Clean: Our futons can be hand-washed & hung out to dry or taken to a dry cleaner that has an industrial sized washer/dryer.

– A Much Healthier Choice: Our futons contain no synthetic foams/polyesters which quickly compress & get uncomfortable while also trapping moisture which becomes an incubator for mold/mildew.

– 5 to 7 Years of Total Comfort! Futons provide amazing comfort while supporting your back. Our futons have NO polyurethane foam pads which quickly compress and get lumpy & uncomfortable

If you’re interested in getting a futon, discover why there really is nothing better on the market than an authentic Japanese made futon–the real thing!

Also, watch our video showing the proper way to care for your futon:

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