Making an Ash Display Cabinet + Lessons Learned

This is the making of an Ash Display Cabinet I made in 2012 + lessons I learned. At this stage of my woodworking journey I had gained a lot of competences but maybe not enough to tackle this project. However, it was a good learning curve as they say! At least I know what to do next time. The project here was to make a wall mounted display cabinet for my son’s growing collection of models and soldiers etc. At the same time I wanted it to be good looking and made as properly as possible. The focus was on the joinery, making doors and hinging. Glass shelves were used to lighten up the display cabinet. A bit of woodturning helped to make the door pulls and shelf pegs from macassar ebony. Every other part was made from English Ash. I used a lot of machine tools to make this, including the Woodrat and Morticer, and since 2012 I have been increasing my knowledge and skills with hand tools. There’s always more to learn it seems. I hope you enjoy the slideshow (apologies for lack of “making” video clips)…

To jump forward to specific sections of the video, click on a time link below:
06:56 Cabinet Carcase
08:33 Frame & Panel Back
09:23 Doors
10:13 Hinging
11:08 Glass Shelves
12:04 Door Glass Added
12:40 Final Photos