Make Glass Cabinet Doors with this Glass Door Router Bit Accessory Kit

Infinity Cutting Tools – 23-GLS Glass Door Kit for 2-pc. Rail & Stile Router Bit Sets
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The 23-GLS Glass Door Kit features a specially designed slot-cutter with precision shims. This replaces the slot cutter on the rail cutter in our 2-pc. rail and stile router bit sets (91-501 through 91-506). The unique advantage of this kit is that you can easily create glass doors that match the style of your raised-panel doors by using the same rail and stile router bit set. Andrew Gibson shows you how easy it is to set up and use the glass door kit to make your own glass cabinet doors.

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Glass Door Kit:

2-pc. Rail & Stile Router Bit Sets:

Professional Router Table:

Coping Sled: