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Traveling in Egypt Nasser’s henchmen paid me a visit at the apartment I stayed in with Samir his wife and daughter in Roxy Heliopolis a suburb of Cairo because they were curious to know who I was. They took me up on my suggestion to resolving the traffic condition and Nasser mentioned it in one of his marathon 25th July Revolution Day speeches that went on for hours on TV just five days after Nasser”s guys paid me that visit. How I came to there attention was Samir’s brother reported me because Samir and the brother had good positions in the government and the problem was that all foreigners had to stay in hotels so their movements could be easily monitored so I was the problem. The brother regretted thrown me out so the end result was I could stay but I had be cleared and that is why I had Nasser’s guys pay me a visit. Samir was at the apartment at the appointed time when Nasser’s guys came and they wanted to talk me in private so the two Nasser guys chose the balcony and closed the sliding doors. Samir bought fruit for the occasion just in case the visitors wanted some thing to eat or just out of politeness so it was places on a small table between us after we sat down. After the mild interrogation was over the conversation turned to questions like how do you like Egypt. As i noticed the tone had changed I immediately came back with saying some issues could be improved on and that made them take notice and the two of them sat up in their chairs and I knew what these guys were probably thinking of is this guy really serious or do we take him away and lock him up” So they ask me to explain. I told how there transportation system is really bad and something has to done about it and I went on about how badly the condition the buses were in that they are a joke that I ride the buses every day from Roxy to Ramses Square and I know a fair idea of the fares that are collected on any bus I traveled on etc : I explained to them the size of Cairo and it’s population growth and what is needed badly is a underground transportation system like London, Paris and the other major cities in Europe. All I was doing was giving something for these guys to chew on and not realizing they would take me serious and in the end we were all friends. As soon as the guys left Samir and his wife wanted to know everything that was said and I told them about my suggestion of the underground . A few days later the brother was told to tell me that I was allowed to stay at the apartment. About four or five days after that was Revolution Day 1966 and Nasser was speaking on TV for almost two hours and every one was watching when he mentioned about building a underground transportation system and Samir couldn’t believe it or his wife. I discovered later that a Egyptian engineer came up with the original idea of a underground as far back as the 1930s and then the Soviet engineers came in 1956, Japanese in 1960, French came in 1962 and the British in 1964 and in the end a french company won the tender to bigin the process in 1970 . That study – planning took three years and the actual building started in 1982 after the french government agreed on giving a loan to Egypt and the first section of the Metro was open in 1987.
One of the most isolated towns in South America located in the jungle on the Amazon attracts the foreign traveler to experience the effects of the magic mushroom that causes brain damage like most drugs.
Tonga people were by law allowed then to smoke dagga (dope)
During my time in South Africa there was what you call Apartheid. You had to be careful who you associated with or even speak to.
That was the Law. It was just by chance I came across this Tonga village while traveling on a motorbike in Southern Africa along lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. It is very practical for the Tonga people to build their homes on stilts since this part of Zimbabwe is dry, arid and hot and most of all it prevented a crocodile attack and some security from other animals
The Tonga people lived back then as you can see in a terrible state with a high percent of the children dying of many diseases as well as some of the adult population.They were the forgotten people by the Rhodesia regime(out of sight out of mind) probably the reason they were permitted to smoke dagga(dope)was to isolate them and to be forgotten. Today the Tonga people have benifited amazingly from national and international aid and the local tourist industry that has developed the area.