M5 Bariatric lift recline chair Review

This chair has been designed for Bariatric client specifically. M5 comes standard with memory foam in the seat and footrest. Also standard is the 24 volt battery back up, 75 mm castors and arm rest covers.
The M5 is available in 4 basic sizes and each can be customised for fit including gluteal recess. Options include memory foam in the backrest and a heated massage unit.

The Oscar M5 has been built with 4 commercial grade electric motors that allow separate
control of the backrest, lift and footrest. This means that you can adjust the chair into exactly the right combination of backrest angle, seat height and footrest height for your best comfort.

The controller is unique to the M5 with large symbols, ‘press & hold’ buttons and a handy “Home” function that returns all chair adjustments back to rest.

Why choose the Oscar M5 Bariatric lift chair?
The M5 can seat lift 320kgs and footrest lifts 75kgs. O-the-shelf lift chairs typically have only one electric motor that combines lift with recline and footrest functions. The M5 Bariatric chair has four heavy-duty Linak® electric motors and is designed to lift 250% more than a standard lift chair. The M5 lift mechanism is made in Australia and is exclusive to the Oscar M5 Bariatric chair. The mechanism has been tested through many thousands of lift cycles to ensure smooth, quiet operation with reliable long-term performance.