Luxurious TINY HOME on Wheels for a Nomadic Couple

Jadon and Katie take us on a tour through their incredible, functional Tiny House. Watch to the end to hear why they chose this lifestyle and what it’s been like as a married couple.

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This Tiny House couple downsized into an incredibly functional Tiny House. With the ability to work from home, they have been living a nomadic lifestyle, taking their Tiny Abode from Wisconsin to Washington and back again! The house itself was built by Mint Tiny Homes, a Canadian company. More info:

A few key features include an extra large bathroom with a huge shower and composting toilet, a spiral storage staircase, and an innovative folding porch.

Katie and Jadon are loving the Tiny life, and they are becoming a part of the community. Jadon volunteered recently at the Tiny Digs Hotel, where he met Jenna (the host of this channel) and many other Tiny Housers. Follow them on their website:

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