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If you haven’t already seen Aaron Clarey’s video called “Move Out or Stay Home Rent Free” I’m adding a link to it in the description below. I this video the Grand Puba Aaron Clarey says that it’s a good idea to stay with your parents when you’re young until you can save money for a down payment instead of moving out. Other guys like Rizzle Dizzle say that if you stay with your parents your mental health will suffer if you live with your parents. But I want to talk about a buddy of mine, let’s call him John. He currently lives with his mother and he’s a man going his own way that still dates but he’s doing it to find his Unicorn Nawalt Princess. He’s in his mid thirties and lately when he goes on dates women he tells them he lives with his mother and they are no longer disappointed in him
and over the last couple of years many women have told him that he must have saved a lot of money living at home all those years, which he has. Women are good at sniffing out resources and now it seems that guys living at home with nice cars and tons of savings are starting to come onto the radar of smart women seeking a host. John’s original goal was to purchase a house for cash. He set this goal back in two thousand and three when three bedroom homes in his area were only two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Similar homes today he has almost double that and cost eight hundred to nine hundred thousand dollars for a crappy semi detached house. I was looking at prices of homes in San Francisco and similar homes were actually cheaper in that city then Toronto, Canada. And San Francisco is a city people actually want to live in. I also read a news story a couple of weeks ago about how housing in Toronto is more expensive then Rome
and housing in Vancouver is more expensive the Paris, France. And with the cost of housing getting so crazy expensive in Canada most women know they won’t find a guy that can afford to buy them a house so now they are looking for the second best thing, a single guy that lives with his parents, preferably an only child that stands to inherit property from his parents.

Video Request-Move Out or Stay Home Rent Free

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