lesson 2: Creating a 3d room using Photoshop (style board essentials for interior design)

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lesson 2 Video tutorial description:
When creating a 3d room, a lot of people think its very complicated but with photoshop creating a 3d room for your design boards or style boards can actually be a very simple process.To create a real 3d image using something like sketch up can take a very long time resulting in stress and headaches when faced with a short deadline. But with Photoshop and the right training, it can be fast and generally easy after you get the basic down.

Some designers are simply not creating a 3d room in their designs because they believe it’s just too complex .

But to give your mood boards,style boards, design boards, concept boards ect. the edge over so many more out there, creating a 3d room is very important step.

This video tutorial was made to help designers learn how to create a 3d room fast and easy, making their boards come to life so their clients can get the best possible presentation. for an even better short cut, check out lesson 5 on the Living room design kit.

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