LED Detail Display Case Wand Light LocksOnline

Here at Locksonline, we’re incredibly excited about adding Loox LED Lighting to our Lighting range. We have something to cover all lighting requirements; Task, Display, Feature, Retail; The list really is endless.

Today we are focusing on an LED which is ideal for placing in a cabinet to highlight jewellery, car models or watches.

This LED Post/Wand Light is really simple to mount. The fixings for the surface mounting come with the LED.

What makes this LED particularly ideal for displays is how modern and neat it looks. It has this beautiful black anodised aluminium and steel finish which allows it to stand out but not take the attention away from the details.
It also has this tiny head which pivots, meaning you can play softly with the LED until you have the light focused at the angle you desire.

You will need to purchase a 350mA driver along with a mains lead to complete the LED. Also remember to apply bridges to any hole in the driver not being used. You can also have the option of a switch.

So, if you think this chic little Wand LED will bring a bit of focus and glamour to your displays, why not find out more about it by visiting our website; Locksonline.com.
Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line via phone or e-mail. You can even take part in our live chat which allows you to speak to a member of the locksonline team. Speak to you soon!