LANGRIA Double Rod Garment Rack with Adjustable Extendable Rail

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My Written Review
This garment rack is pretty cool- it is collapsible for easy storage, portable, on wheels (that lock) and very adjustable for whatever you may need to use it for. You could use this in your laundry room to hang dry- and then roll down the hall to deliver the clothes where you need them. You could use this to store dance costumes, etc. You could store old clothes, out of season stuff or coats in a storage room. You could use this in a bedroom with limited closet space. I am using mine in a walk-in closet that is currently unfinished. We are not quite ready to build in shelves and bars due to other house projects taking priority and need to have something for guests to be able to hang up their clothes when they visit and store suitcases on the bottom of the cart. We just slid that into the closet- problem solved!

Product Details:
• Can get a single rack or a double
• Bars can be extended vertically and horizontally to fit your needs
• Easy set up with simple instructions. No tools are needed and it took about 15 minutes max.
• Weight of the rack is 21.6 lbs
• Holds up to 250 lbs- do keep heavy items closest to supports to prevent your bars from bending. Because these bars are long- and extendable- they are not the heaviest or thickest bars ever. It is certainly sturdy enough- just be smart when it comes to positioning heavy hanging items.
• This cart is completely collapsible and folds down flat
• Rolls on some heavy duty wheels, that can lock in place to prevent rolling
• Pegs in the sides for extra hanging- you can hang them in different positions
• Chrome finish
• Bottom of the cart can work as a shelf area to store suitcases, for instance.