LA Apartment Tour

After countless DIY projects, it’s finally time for the complete tour of my LA apartment! The tour starts with the tiny entryway where I added a mirror and made a coat rack. I also replaced the vertical blinds with curtains, added a window cornice, and hid the A/C unit with a piece of furniture I built. Then there’s the home office with a dividing wall, the living room makeover with a wall panel I made with a rug, the dining room where I built a banquette bench and wall panels, and of course the balcony I transformed into a beautiful outdoor oasis. I also added lots of color to the all white kitchen with a temporary backsplash and a clever solution to paint a feature wall without actually painting the wall. I also did some minor cosmetic changes to the bathroom like replacing the lamp shades and added more storage with tension rods and a building a cabinet that goes over the toilet. To store my tools and materials, I took over the hall closet and made it my mini-workshop and last but not least is the bedroom where I also replaced the vertical blinds with curtains, built an upholstered headboard and hacked inexpensive IKEA LACK tables to make bright and colorful nightstands.

Like I mentioned in the video, I also did 360 videos of my apartment so you get a different view of the entire apartment both during the day and the evening.

360 Daytime video:

360 Nighttime video:

Below are all the links to the videos showing how to make all the projects that I did:

Window Cornice:
Kitchen / backsplash:
Entryway/ Coat rack:
Entryway/ replacing vertical blinds:
A/C unit cover:
Banquette Bench:
Upholstered Panel for bench:
Wall Panels:
Closet / mini-workshop:
Balcony Privacy Panels:
Balcony Storage bench:
Balcony Outdoor Lighting:
Bedroom Headboard / nightstands:
Office part 1:
Office Part 2:
Office Dividing Wall:
Living Room/ wall panel:
Living Room/ wall sconces:
Bathroom/ storage:
Bathroom/ lamp shades:

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