Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning Tips in Hindi

Hi Friends. This video has excerpts of all the most important Indian kitchen organizing and cleaning tips from my previous video. I had a lot of requests to do my kitchen organizing videos in Hindi and therefore this. Hope you all find it useful. Plz do subscribe to my channel.

following are the links to a few organizers that I have discussed in the video:

——-Kitchen Organizers – Cabinets—-
Link to the storage containers that I use:

Link to the glass jars:

———–Kitchen Countertop / Platform—-
1. Corner plate rack where i kept everyday essentials:

Few other Corner plate racks links:

2. Stainless steel oil can/dispenser:

———-Kitchen Pantry——-

1. Storage Baskets:
2. Lazy Susan:

3. Tiered Shelf:
4. Chalk board sticker:
5. Labels:
6. Glass Jars For Pickles:
7. Acrylic Containers:


Drawer Divider 1: Slots type:
— Wide:
— Narrow:
Drawer Divider 2: Adjustable, Bamboo/Wooden Drawer Organizers/Dividers:

Drawer Divider 3: Non-Adjustable Bamboo/Wooden Drawer Organizers/Divider

Drawer Divider 4: (Gray and White Colour)

Drawer Divider 5: Clear/Transparent Variety

Shelf Liners:

Please do measure your space before you purchase anything. read the reviews and decide if it suits your needs!
Thanks for watching!