Kitchen Counters and Cabinets | Retro Miniature Kitchen Room Box 1:12

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Hey there!

In this video I make the lower cabinets in my Retro Miniature Kitchen Room box.

I started off by drawing a sketch of how I wanted to the cabinets to look. I went online and found standard measurements and heights for counters, drawers and cabinet doors. Then I started sketching.

Many miniature kitchens on Youtube are done in L shape, because it is easier to move around the kitchen. However, I have always loved the look and feel of U shaped kitchens so I chose this shape.

The mint color green used, was made with 1 part yellow, 1 part blue, and 1 part white. I divided the colors and added more white to make a light mint green.

I painted the counters by mixing black, white, and little of the darker mint green color to ensure that the grey counters matched.


Materials Used:

Acrylic paint
2mm Fomex board
PVC pipe glue


Measurements and Dimensions:

Right Side:

Counter Height: 7.8
Counter Depth: 4.7


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