Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 Project ZJ Part 7 Vacuum Climate Control Headlight Adjustment EVAP Canister

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In this video you’ll see the 5.2 V8 put back together shortly before we did a quick test run. It started right up and ran great, perfect oil pressure, no noises, nice and smooth!! We are monitoring for any leaks, so far none. We still need to install a new PCV valve and hose, possibly a breather as well.

The headlights are now fully installed and adjusted thanks to new adjustment assemblies from the dealership to replace my broken ones. The bulbs are all functional now and really bright. We also replaced a broken vacuum T which was causing my climate control to only flow air through the defroster.

The Iron Rock Offroad long arm kit for the front showed up today. We assembled and installed the flex joints for both lower control arms and also the new three piece sub frame assembly. We cleaned up the mounting points on the Jeep’s frame and applied undercoating per the instructions. The undercoating will dry tonight, then tomorrow we will mount the sub frame and drill the necessary holes to bolt it in place. Then we will install the long arms and the 2″ coil spacers front/rear to bring us from 3.5″ to 5.5″. We will also install the extended stainless brake lines, new coil isolators, new Doetsch Tech 8000 Pre-Runner shocks, and new JKS quicker disconnects for the front sway bar. We still need to install the new sway bar bushings. Once the suspension is wrapped up, it will be time for new 35×12.50 Goodyear Kevlar MT/R tires and a professional alignment.

In the previous video (Part 6) you will see the engine torn apart to replace several things as preventative maintenance and to cure annoying coolant/oil leaks. The motor was running perfectly with no issues prior to this video. We discovered that the timing cover had a hole in it, most likely from when I lost an idler pulley, and we decided to replace several parts along the way. We also decided to do a new headlight set with new bulbs. The oil pan was dropped, the rear main bearing cap was removed because the two piece rear main seal was replaced with a Fel-Pro. A high volume, 25% over stock, Melling oil pump was installed. The pan was resealed with a Fel-Pro one piece gasket. The timing chain had some slack in it so it was replaced along with new timing gears on the crankshaft and camshaft. A new timing cover was installed with a new front seal. The original harmonic balancer was cleaned up and reinstalled along with the original crankshaft pulley. A new water pump was installed with a new bypass hose to the intake manifold. The thermostat housing was replaced along with a new thermostat and Fel-Pro gasket. A new tensioner was installed because the old one was nasty to say the least. The original broken EVAP canister has been removed and replaced with a new relocated canister. A new power steering pump was installed.

The Jeep already has a new aluminum radiator with an electric fan to replace the standard clutch fan. The fan is operated automatically by an adjustable thermostat and also activates when the AC is turned on. The radiator has been reinstalled with brand new upper and lower hoses. New lines have been run for the transmission fluid.

Check out my other videos if you want more info on the steering box brace which has been a great addition since I’m running 35×12.50 tires. The steering box was recently replaced with a new one. We’ve swapped out the drop pitman arm for one that is about 2″ shorter because it will work better with my lift and IRO OTK steering kit.

Any parts that were removed but are still functional will be kept for spares on the trails.

When the project is complete I’ll be going back to the Rubicon trail with my buddy Joel to conquer Cadillac Hill, the one obstacle that we were unable to complete during our first trip.

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