Teeter Hang Ups Table Review

First off, I really enjoyed using the Teeter Hang Up Table. It fixed my back after 6 months of training for the NYC Marathon. It only took about 4-5 days to feel the effects and now I can spend almost 20 minutes inverted, enjoy doing sit ups on the table, and messing around with all sorts of Teeter Hacks.

The table took less than 20 minutes to set up, and it’s so easy to use it’s stupid. Lock your ankles in and hang upside down.

The lumbar support and acupressure noodles were not useful to my needs, so I took them off and enjoy using the table without them. But if you have knots in your back or lumbar pain. These are for YOU!

Always wear socks and lace-up shoes when inverting. Teeter recommends this from a safety perspective – and because the shoes and socks provide a good cushion to support your ankles as you invert.

The Acupressure Nodes can actually be placed anywhere along the grooves/slits in the bed so you can target any tense muscles you might have.

Always make sure to have a second person with you when you invert the first time. That way you can make sure to set it to the correct height. When set correctly, you’ll be able to get into and out of inversion with simple arm movements. Depending on your build, you might have to set it an inch taller or shorter than your actual height.



Back Pain Surgery
Herniated Disc Pain
Sciatic Nerve Pain
Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Osteoarthritis Pain
Scoliosis Pain
Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Reduces Headaches
Respiratory System

Improves Lung Function
Helps Clear Your Sinuses
Breathe Easier
Circulatory System

Improves Circulation
Improves Heart Function
Alleviates Varicose Veins
Digestive & Immune System

Aids Digestion
Improves Lymphatic System Function
Boosts The Immune System
Revitalizes Internal Organs

Physical Fitness

Improves Posture
Improves Flexibility
Improves Joint Health
Realigns The Spine After Workouts
Speeds Up Recovery After Workouts
Stronger Ligaments
Improves Sleep Quality
Decreases Fatigue & Increases Energy
Gain/Regain Height
Mental Health

Reduces Stress
Helps Keep You Alert
Depression, Mood Swings, SAD
Boosts Creative Thinking
Reduces PMS Symptoms

Improves Physical Appearance
Anti-Aging Effects

**Teeter endorses back and joint health claims only, other benefits are based on my own experience, anecdotal evidence and other online resources