Install Floating Shelf in Concrete How to D.I.Y

Anchors can be purchased here:

Floating shelf here:

This video illustrates how to hang a floating shelf onto a concrete wall using plastic expansion anchors.
There are several types of expansion anchors offered by different companies. There are lead expansion anchors that some people prefer as that aren’t easily broken.

If you have tried the drill a hole in concrete but barely scratch the surface or attach a screw into concrete with no results? This may be a lack of proper tools. The drill bit that is used to make holes in concrete in a masonry drill bit. This bit is even needed to attach Tapcons to concrete as the tapcon needs a predrilled hole to attach.

Expansion anchors will also work in drywall. I have used these anchors for over a decade and they are strong and long lasting. I have found that the best application on these anchors is to be used with mounting things that will not be moving much like paintings shelfs, hooks and wire clamps.

I hope this information has been useful. Thank you for watching.