Inspire Q Catherine Print Parsons Dining Side Chair Assembly Tutorial –

In this video, we will show you how to assemble a Catherine Parsons dining chair from Inspire Q. This product is available on our site at:

Step 1: Unpack and account for each piece. You should have enough components for two complete chairs.

Step 2: Place a lock washer and large washer on each bolt.

Step 3: Remove the Styrofoam blocks from the corner leg-holes of the seat.

Step 4: Place one of the front legs into a front corner of the seat unit with the holes facing inward and lining up. Attach with the smallest bolts. Repeat with the other front leg. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

Step 5: Align the dowel at the back of the seat with the hole at the center of the back unit. Bolt the seat unit to the back unit using the longest bolts screwed through the corners of the seat. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

Step 6: Insert the last three bolts into the holes at the back of the seat, starting with the center hole. Tighten with the Allen wrench.

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