Inside the house of horrors where Brit strangled and stabbed autistic teen, 18, in a ‘bucket list’ k

THIS is the Australian house of horrors where a British killer slaughtered an autistic teen as part of her twisted “bucket list”.Jemma Lilley, 26, strangled and stabbed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich to death at the home in the Perth suburb of Orelia before burying his body underneath tile slabs in the back garden.Lilley and her accomplice Trudi Lenon were found guilty of murdering him at the home, a macabre dwelling decorated with horror film memorabilia which the pair dubbed “Elm Street”.After dropping her kids at school on June 13, 2016, Lenon lured Pajich to the home by asking him to install some computer software.Pajich, a friend of Lenon’s 13-year-old son, was sitting at the computer with a coffee when Lilley approached him from behind and garrotted him with a wire until it broke, then stabbed him three times.Detectives who searched the home found Lille’s knives and a handwritten list of torture methods including branding, force-feeding, foot roasting, genital mutilation and Chinese water torture.As these chilling images show, police also found a knife set – complete with bone saw – one of which may have been used to stab Pajich.Images from inside the lounge Lilley used as her bedroom give an insight into her twisted mind.The room is decorated with horror film posters and a Chucky doll, the sadistic villain from the movie Child’s Play.The square of missing carpet on the floor may be where Pajich was killed before his killer removed it to hide evidence, the court heard.Another photo shows what has been described as a “secret” room with walls covered in blue tarpaulins and black plastic.Inside was a shopping trolley cut down to its base, with what appeared to be human hair around one of the wheels, and possible blood stains.In the garage there was a pot containing what looked like meat submerged in acid in a suspected experiment to melt flesh.CCTV images from the day before show the pair purchasing hundreds of litres of hydrochloric acid to dissolve body parts and concrete to cover a shallow grave.Underneath a freshly laid tiled slab in the back garden police found Pajich’s fully clothed body wrapped in a white drop sheet with cling film covering his face.A post mortem found defensive knife wounds on his hands, consistent with attempt to fight off his attacker.Lilley sent text messages to Lenon describing her post-murder euphoria soon after killing Pajich.”I am seeing things I haven’t seen before.I’m feeling things I haven’t felt before.It’s incredibly empowering.Thank you,” Lilley wrote.Mr Pajich’s family reported him as a missing person and police investigations uncovered Lenon as the last person to telephone him on the morning of his disappearance.It has since emerged that her capture over the meticulously planned murder may have stopped her from killing again.Lilley, who organised and carried out the killing, saw it as a glamorous fantasy with her as a serial killer star, the court heard.The tattooed, motorbike-riding Brit may have worked a hum