Increase Your Homes Value for Free: 4 Hacks

(WATCH IN HD) Increase the value of your home with these 4 FREE Hacks!
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Today in episode 14, we’re going to share
with you 4 FREE hacks to instantly
make your home more valuable. Stick around and I’ll have one bonus hack at the end.
First of all, let’s talk about what makes
your home more valuable. There’s two
things: there updates and there’s presentation.
Updates: if you remodel your
kitchen, if you will remodel a bathroom,
put a patio or a pool in the backyard,
that’s automatically going to improve
the value of your home, if you do it
right, but it’s going to cost you a lot
of money. The second thing that you can
do to improve the value of your home is
the presentation: to make it more
appealing to buyers. When your home is
more appealing, more buyers are going to
want to pay more money for your home and
indirectly that raises the value of your home.
So today, 4 free hacks – FREE – to raise the
value of your home.
Number one is improving the curb appeal of your home.
It doesn’t cost you a dime, only thirty
minutes to an hour on a Saturday morning
to mow your lawn, to edge it, maybe take
that bag of mulch that you already have
in your garage and spread it in the
front so it looks fresh and clean.
Immediately when buyers drive by your home
or walk up to the front door, They’re going
to be impressed and there you have a
stronger desire to see what’s inside
because of how the outside it looks.
That immediately can raise the value of your home
Number two is to clean up the
inside of your home. When a buyer walks
into your home and they see that it’s
clean and they don’t see dirt or messes,
they’re immediately going to think that
your home is well taken care of and is
in good condition.
There’s a phrase I’ve heard a long time
ago and I like to use and that is that
“Everything communicates.” When a buyer
walks into your home, either they are
seeing that your home is clean and
they’re having a positive impression or
they’re seeing dirt and
messes and they’re having an negative
impression and they’re starting to
wonder in their mind about the rest of
the house. So clean up your house and
that will make your home more appealing
to every buyer who walks in.
Number three is to cleared up the inside of
your home. That means removing
clutter from the fridge, all the magnets,
all the pictures, all those things.
Take things off the counters. Clear out the
bathrooms. Remove the toiletries and all
of the shampoo and all that stuff.
Every single place where you have clutter or
extra decorations, remove that
stuff from your home. That stuff is all
distracting. When a buyer walks into
your home, you want them to see some
decorations that maybe accent or
highlight certain things about your home
but you want them to be able to see your
home and imagine themselves living there.
Imagine their own decorations. Imagine
their furniture in there and if you have
so much clutter, they’re not going to be
able to do that. If you can clear up your
home and remove that clutter, it’s going
to make your home more appealing to
buyers and more appealing means more
money for you.
Number four is staging.
This can be a little bit more difficult, and
here are professionals who can help you with
this, there are a lot of things that you
can do in your home. The first thing
about staging is to think about what is
he focal point of any room. If it’s a
fireplace or a TV in a living room or
things like that you want everything to
evolve around that focal point in the
room and to accentuate the space and the
size of those things.
Staging your home is showcasing it for
buyers that walk in; maybe giving them a
vision for how they could see the space
or see their furniture and imagine them
living in your home. Staging also means
removing extra furniture from a room
to make a room look bigger and
maybe adding accent towels or candles or
things to add color to bathrooms or
your kitchen or different rooms like that.
If staging is done right it makes your
home more appealing to buyers and more
appealing means more demand more demand
means more money for you.
That’s the four free hacks to immediately increase the
value of your home but I promised you a bonus hack,
and that bonus hack is the smell.
It doesn’t cost you have dime to light a
good smelling candle right by the door
or throughout the house so that when a
buyer walks into your home, immediately
they have a great smell to walk into.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
walked in with buyers, and either a
good smell or a bad smell – it makes an
immediate impression and either turns a
buyer off to a home or immediately
makes them more interested in a home and
that’s exactly what you want to do for a buyer.
I help sellers sell smart and
get the most value from their home by
doing a hundred things just like that –
some more, some less – but they all
increase the value and get top dollar
for the sellers that I work with.