In between the Coral and Tasman Seas.

Chair Duets in the Ocean,
is like an old sticky lotion

the framework of chairs
as the sea rears
people stare
as the two maniacs dare

they sit by the ocean
watching it’s waves tumble and curve
maybe they’ll get a tan
maybe they’ll be too orange to stand

we sat on plastic beach chairs the water soaking into our clothes
fabric weighing against our burning skin
eyes squinting against the blaze and the gaze of the girl holding the camera and the one starting the music

we wanted perfect timing
maybe a more refined ending

we got this instead.

though we come from across the seas
we met here in Australia and attended the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries

traveling back across the heavy seas
squirming in aeroplane chairs, slumping in bus chairs, sleeping in train chairs.

Frantic made us sit in chairs too, however only then did we notice them.

I found a sense of hope through simplicity.
For me Frantic brought the different shapes of being in to motion and made it beautiful.