I make a bath candle holder / custom request for customer / minimalist candle holder

I make a candle holder that was a customer request. I had to custom size a minimalist candle holder so that it would fit on a shelf in a bath. Check out the process of how I make this wooden project. I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas of your own.

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I was asked to custom make a candle holder. The customer reached out and said they wanted a certain style but the dimensions of the one I have for sale would not fit on a shelf in their bath. So we’re making one custom and an extra one to put up on my store.
I’ve been busy making things and well that’s really nothing new..but I’ve been focused on making wall art. Most of the pieces I make I film and you can watch those episodes here on my channel.
I have some cool customer requests coming soon as well so keep an eye out for that..
I’ve been writing articles on Hometalk and have been featured on their front page. You may have noticed my last episode was
a “how to stain wood” overview tutorial? Well accompanying that video is a post over on hometalk. If you’d like to check that out I’ll leave a link in the description.Another road I’ve started on is bringing music back into my life. It’s always been there but I’m starting to share more of it as of late here on my channel. I have free music downloads on my website rocknwoodworks.com
I also have tracks for sale at a great price and all that goes to funding my operation along with the shirts and such.
So, I’ll be posting music focused videos too along with my builds, stories, The Mad Maker show and vlogs.
I have a lot that I want to put out there and I just want to thank you for all your support, I am deeply grateful for the love you send my way.
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