How To Use Chesterfield’s Horns Bridge Roundabout Correctly

Here we take a look at how to use Chesterfield’s Hornsbridge Roundabout. Tricky for some, but if you follow the lanes correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem. Check this video on how to use it correctly.

Check these time stamps for the approach you want to skip to:
Hasland (A617(S)): 02:35
Derby Road (A61(S)): 03:37
B&Q: 05:22
Town Centre (A617(N)): 07:20
Tesco Bypass (A61(N)): 08:42


Common Mistakes:

The most common mistake being people going from the right hand lane leaving Hasland Bypass, and heading into Town Center!

Another point to mention, when leaving Town Center, I’d be inclined to also use the middle lane to go down Derby Road. Even though the sign doesn’t say you can, the markings on the roundabout do lead there – but do so at your own risk and with caution.

Also, when heading towards Town Center, those who are local know there is another roundabout ahead (and the road splits into 3 lanes). Use the left lane to go towards the Retail park in the left land and straight on in the middle lane(off in the left lane and head towards the police station. If heading into Town Center itself (ie, the Donut etc), then use the right hand lane which also goes straight on and get off in the right.


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