How to Update from MIUI 9 Beta to MIUI 9 Stable in Redmi Note 4 | MIUI Stable (NCFMIEI)

Guys if you have installed MIUI 9 Beta in your Redmi note 4 or any other device and you want to update MIUI 9 Stable.
Then don’t worry i can help you with that

You need to read everything carefully


1 You need to DOWNLOAD Xiaomi tools from

2 Then install this tool in your PC or Laptop and open it

3 Turn on USB Debugging mode of you Redmi Note 4

4 Now turn connect your Redmi device with PC oe Laptop and select File Transfer

5 Now Xiaomi tool, automatically detect your device and you can check your device name on screen and then just select your device and click NEXT

6 Now it will show you all the Available ROM for your device which you can install. Simply select the MIUI 8.5 GLOBAL Stable Rom

7 Now click next and it will download MIUI 8 File of 1.9GB

8 After that your device will Reboot and make sure it should be at Fastboot mode always.

9 After successfull installation of MIUI 8 Just disconnect your Redmi Note 4 and turn on

10 Now in updater app you can update to GLOBAL MIUI 9 Stable (NCFMIEI) Version

So using this you can go from MIUI 9 Beta to MIUI 9 Stable

Make sure you made a backup of your Redmi Note 4 Because in this process all the Data will be lost.

and that’s all about it,
I’m Banit kumar will see you in Next video

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