How To – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II Glass Screen Replacement – JUST THE GLASS!

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This is a video tutorial on how to replace cracked and damaged glass screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (JUST THE GLASS).
– Please note this is only done if the LCD and Digitizer still work properly.

Its the same procedure and same glass screen used for all carrier models.

All models – T889 N7100 i317 R950 i605
N7100 – International unlocked version
T889 – T-Mobile version
i317 – AT&T version
i605 – Verizon & Metro PCS version
R950 – Sprint & Boost version

I used the following tools:
1. Guitar Picks
2. Thin blade
3. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Warning: Repairs will void your warranty with the service provider and manufacturer of the device. We are not responsible for any damage caused by attempting this repair.