How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity – This Old House

Installing a beautiful new bath vanity with This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Shopping List for How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity:
– new vanity cabinet, top, sink, and faucet
– copper pipe and assorted fittings, for making new water-supply lines
– lead-free solder, flux and emery paper, used to clean and sweat copper pipe and fittings
– plumber’s putty, used to form a water-tight seal around sink drain
– madison bars, for securing electrical outlet to vanity cabinet
– silicone adhesive, for securing the vanity top to the cabinet

Tools for How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity:
– utility knife, used for cutting caulk seal around the old sink
– flat prybar, used to lift old sink from the vanity top
– adjustable wrench, used to loosen and tighten plumbing connections
– drill/driver, used to remove and drive screws
– reciprocating saw, used for cutting through the vanity bottom
– jig saw, used to cut hole in vanity cabinet for electrical box
– tubing cutter, used for cutting copper pipe
– propane torch, used to sweat copper pipe and fittings
– compass saw, for notching cabinet back to fit around pipe
– caulking gun, used to apply silicone adhesive

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