How to make Retro Shoe Cabinet – part 1 – preparing the desks

First part of the tutorial “how to make shoe cabinet”
In this part I will show how to prepare raw wood material to be used in the project.

This step could be skipped if You have/buy 1″ and 2″ desks in your local building market. So, If You don’t have planner, just go and buy proper desks.

In this project I’m using the raw material from sawmill. Of course material is properly dried.

First step is to make some selection. It’s important to look and avoid knots or very curved desks. Not every knot disqualifies the wood, but the curved desks could be tricky to prepare. I will show in some future tutorial how to handle them, but for this project I’m not using twisted wood.

Second step is to properly cut the wood – to get rid of unnecessary or ugly knots.

The whole tutorial can be found here: