How to Make a Swing Canopy

Got a outdoor swing that is in need of a new top? If so, sewing a replacement outdoor swing top is not as difficult as you may think, especially after watching this video. Most of the outdoor swings that are sold on the market use poor quality fabrics to make the fabric tops and when left in the sun they eventually fade and may even rot in sometimes less than a year. Why not use a superior outdoor fabric from Sailrite and get many long years of life from your outdoor swing canopy top.

You will find the materials and supplies to build it yourself at:

How to Make a Swing Canopy Chapters:
• Patterning — 0:34 mins
• Basting Pockets, Sleeves & Valances — 5:21 mins
• Sewing Canopy — 8:09 mins
• Installing Binding — 10:51 mins
• Materials List — 13:08 mins