How to Make a Minecraft Costume Steve’s Head EASY!!

Perfect for Halloween Minecraft Steve! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Easy how to make Minecraft Steve’s Head Costume out of Cardboard box. Go to this website: Follow the Printing instructions as outlined in the website to easily print out Steve’s Head! A Minecraft costume for Halloween! A DIY simple project using pdf’s, You will need an 11x11x11 box (I got mine from Kinkos), a glue stick, scissors or a paper cutter and an exacto knife to cut the eyes out. I glued old bicycle helmets to the inside top of the boxes to secure to the head! Minecraft superstars that Phoenix and Jackson love Captain Sparklez: Thanks to Phoenix for creating the Minecraft worlds and screen capture and to Phoenix and Jackson for their great acting and dancing!



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Here’s how Minecraft costume is also called: kostuum, puku, halloween-Kostüm, ハロウィーンの衣装, 할로윈 의상,
kostyme, traje do dia das bruxas, traje de halloween, dräkt

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