How To Make A Medieval Dragon Hide Throne From An Old Chair (Pt.2)

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Maxx Sterling takes an old chair he found on the side of the road and repairs it and converts it into a medieval throne for his dungeon. And shows you how to do it yourself, at home, using mostly free and re-purposed items.

A project like this is great for your larp, but also for a kid’s room, game room, role-playing table or just for fun.

Even if you don’t ever undertake creating a throne, this video still has great information on how to repair a wooden furniture and how to re-upholster a chair, so it’s practical for everyday DiY also.

I hope you enjoyed this video, I am particularly happy with how this project turned out and I am excited to have it in my dungeon! If you did, please remember to click “Like” and if you haven’t already, subscribe!

“Crunk Knight” and “Steel Rods” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0