How to make a LPS room

Tutorials available ! In this video I am setting up a complete LPS room using the LPS accessories from my existing tutorials. DIY LPS Shower:
But what’s most important, I get to thank you, my first 10,000 subscribers, for watching, commenting, and liking my videos, for being so kind and patient to me and to my strong accent/poor English terminology; I am so grateful, you probably don’t realize but if you weren’t watching I would not be doing any of these. Your love, your positive approach mean so much to me! You are such generous viewers, your encouragement works like magic. Many many thanks!

Now, why is there no voice, and only half of it is music? The explanation is very prosaic – I simply didn’t know how to integrate voice and free music, I am still working on my video editing skills, so at the end I decided to go at least for one musical composition and gave up on a speech.
Let me know if you want to see more rooms!

In this video I used the LPS furniture and LPS accessories that we already made together in tutorials. The phone tutorial will be added soon.

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