How to make a doll kitchen cabinet tutorial; Easy DIY miniature kitchen cabinet.

Miniature Tiny Home Build is back! Today I’ll show you how I made the floating cabinet for the kitchen. I don’t pre-plan anything. I just make it up as I go and see where my imagination takes me. Every week I will release 1-2 videos of an item I made for the Miniature Tiny Home until it’s construction is complete. This week YOU get to choose what piece you want to see me build next! Leave your choice in the comments below! Also don’t forget to subscribe to see weekly videos. If it tickles your fancy, give it a thumbs up. A thumbs down? Tell me why. I want to hear all your feedback!

Supply list:
Cardboard, cardstock, xacto knife, glue, acrylic paint, modge pod, paint brush, Sandpaper, stir sticks, WIDE Popsicle sticks, plastic.

Oh So Happy by: Gentle Fire Studios
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