How to Install Lustrolite High Gloss Acrylic Panelling (Installation Guide)

Roger Bisby from Skill Builder shows you how to install Lustrolite high gloss acrylic panelling. You will almost certainly need a second person to help in most of the processes. Do not use flexible PVC edge trimming or gaskets at any time during the installation of Lustrolite high gloss panelling as these contain chemical agents that could damage the sheet. Always use natural/clear cure silicone. You should store Lustrolite sheets indoors and stack your panels horizontally. Always use the appropriate protection during the installation process. Always drill from the front of the sheet and ensure that drilled holes are no closer than 10mm to the edge of the panel. Larger openings should be no closer than the largest dimension of the opening away from the edge of your sheet. You should ideally use step drills to make smaller holes into larger holes. Cut edges can be either electric planed or sanded using medium (100 grit) and then fine (240 grit) sandpaper.

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