How to Install a Monicker Bathroom Vanity

How to Install a Monicker Bathroom Vanity


Hi Everybody this is just a quick install how-to guide for a Monicker bathroom then so first off you’re going to need a few tools do this project, you wanna meet a tape measure, a jigsaw a drill, a level and stud finder, when it comes to the level the longest possible level is what you want to lose see our first step is to cut the holes for all your plumbing.

You’re going to use the tape measure to find where the drain water supplies things are located on your wall and transfers measurements over to your cabinet on you know wanna make markings on the back your any cabinet or on the bottom other than cabinets or pipes come through the floor.

You then want to measure thinkin double check your things correct because once you cut you can take that back then going to carefully cut the holes in the back or bottom door cabinet using the jigsaw for this you wanted to cut the holes just large enough for the fittings and pipes to go through, we don’t wanna make ’em to large because that just starts to look messy and on some setups a special a smaller venues you might need to cut small notches in the inside panels other cabinet so that the sink and topple said on properly this you do know that you’re going to need to cut a notch for your vanity, this is a great time to do a yurt have the sorrow and you are making a mess might as well get it done. Same time see our next step is to level your vanity cabinet place the vanity against the wall put it where it’s going to be going and place that level across it again the longer the level the better on longer levels just a much more accurate as far as getting it perfectly level on soon will put in place put the level on and if your floor is slightly off you can use small shams to get the B&B to level position. If you’re combining smaller venues to make a large vanity kinda like in the picture on the right of your screen that’s 2:24 into the nineties any fifteen-inch drawer cabinet, all combine to make a 63 in tranny you’re going to want to attach these bands together so first off your fall the previous steps, drill all over your a drain holes in filling holes and everything make sure everything’s nice unlevel and then you’re going to put them in place and you’re going to screw the cabinets together.

You don’t want to screw to go through both sides you just want to go you know through one side and into the other one say use screws that are about one and a quarter inches long on if possible you’re going to want to screw from the drawer sections from the inside of the drawers to do that just opened the drawer and going from the top you do this so that during normal than 80 years you do this so that during normal than 80 years.

Once you have everything attached to itself put the money back in place and real Eva lever thing to make sure nothing has changed final step is to secure the lead to the wall one survey is level in all the holes been cut for the plumbing use the stud finder tool, okay all the studs in your walls once you locate a stud you’re going to want to put a little pencil mark usually right above the really cabinet so that the top will cover any marks you make and you wanna mark all those studs daughter located behind her daddys you can secure it to multiple points swatches mark dollar store location use three and screws to attach the vanity swatches mark dollar store location use three and screws to attach the vanity and make sure those screws go into the studs the best place to screw your cabinet to the wall is along the top back panel up there be any cabinet you gonna wanna go about three inches down from the top of the new cabinet and screw into the studs.

This’ll make it so you still have a secure hold in your not just gonna crack, the word by going too far or too close to the edge but once you install your top it’ll still cover all the screws from the inside from normal use you won’t see those if somehow you manage to get small scratches or dings on your cabinet during the install process don’t worry, it’s not a huge deal on you can go to Lowes Home Depot is anywhere and men wax makes really good it’s on stain pans and I need to do is shake them up a little bit take the cap off and it’s just like a marker you can color it on and filling scratches and make everything look good as new so that’s all you need to do to install a monicker ready their simple on definitely nothing to worry about it.