Hello my Friends,
A short HAMMOCK TUTORIAL – Did you ever wonder how to fix a hammock at the beach ? Did you ever wonder if you need special equipment to fix the hammock or if a rope is OK ?
In this Video I´ll show you how to fix a hammock for two person between some trees at the beach. I also composed some reggae tunes for the video – and the end of the clip you can listen to the song. Soon I upload the reggae song here on youtube, but first in need some more video footage for a nice reggae video 🙂
Some tips if you are planning to buy a hammock:
I prefer always a double hammock for two persons with a wooden frame on both sides. Try to get a hammock with a wooden frame at the top and at the bottom – it´s much more comfortable.

If you like to get a great hammock from Costa Rica – the country of hammocks, you can write me a message on Youtube or Facebook, and I´ll see if I can ship a hammock to you.
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This video is part of my series “Welcome to the Jungle” – my personal Wildlife Show where I present you amazing shots of animals and jungle wildlife.

All rights & copyrights to this music, clips and lyrics are owned by me, Enrico Galvini,CEO BodhisattvaMusic.
Have Fun. Keep Safe and Sound.
Your Enrico Galvini