How to Easily Remove Milk Paint

One of the great qualities of milk paint is over time it gets tougher and stronger. This is why a special paint remover is required . Here, you’ll learn how to remove milk paint, because it is different than removing other types of paint.

Milk paint and its protein base is different from modern resin-based paints. Therefore, standard paint removers won’t be effective here.

You’ll need a special milk paint remover, which is designed to break down those proteins.

Mix up our powdered milk paint remover with one part water to two parts powder. You’ll get a batter-like paste which you can apply to the painted surface, and the remover will go to work breaking that paint down and removing it.

With a mixed half gallon of our milk paint remover, you’ll get coverage for anywhere between 85 to about 125 square feet. So a little bit goes a long way when you learn the right way for how to remove milk paint.

Simply use a brush and paint the paste on. It’ll start to go into the surface, and then you can go over it again with another layer. The remover is water based, so you need to keep it wet to keep it working.

Use 00 steel wool, and simply wipe the rest of the paint away. You don’t need to vigorously grind it off or scrape. Let the remover do the job for you.

Then simply wipe it clean and you’re good to go.

Powdered milk paint remover doesn’t give off any toxic fumes or anything dangerous. It’s safe to use. But it is a caustic, so use rubber gloves and goggles during application.

You’ve learned how to remove milk paint, now stock up on the tools you need at home.

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