How to add Cabinet/Wall Blocking to Stud Walls for Easy Kitchen Cabinet Installation

DIY Alert: Building codes require all kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities to be attached to the wall via screws through stable fixed member structural supports such as studs.

Here we show you how to to add Cabinet Blocking, also known as Wall Blocking, to your kitchen wood stud walls to help you avoid having to search blindly through drywall for wall studs to mount your kitchen cabinets to. This fool proof method gives you a smooth and easy Kitchen Cabinet Installation because you don’t waste time searching in vain for those elusive wall studs, only to drive in your screw through the cabinet back and just past the edge of the stud and miss the mark.

Also sometimes studs are in a very inconvenient spot for one of your cabinets, or the spacing of your studs can sometimes leave you with only one stud behind each cabinet.

This clever process we show you here eliminates all these cabinet installation problems by giving you a continuous stud (block) all the way across your kitchen cabinets, so that it is impossible for you to ever miss a stud. No matter where you drill in your screws, you are guaranteed to always hit wood.