How I make custom cabinets with adjustable shelves, part 4

Hi everyone. Bit of an experiment here; a lot of my ‘project’ videos run quite long, and I’ve been splitting these into two or three shorter videos, posted weekly. That’s very convenient for me, but it’s also a bit lazy.

So with this video about some custom cabinets I made recently, I’ve gone into a bit more detail, and wound up with six video clips of around ten minutes apiece, and I’ll be posting these every day, starting today.

I’ve no idea how this experiment will work out – that’s the nature of experiments, after all – and I’m trusting you guys letting me know if it you think it’s worthwhile or not.

So, a daily treat, or too much Millard? Either way- enjoy!

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Woodworking stuff:-

Blum hinges – (US:

Hinge drilling guide –

Self-centering drill bit – (US:

Lost-tite screws – (US:

Hultafors Talmeter tape measure – (US:

Heavy duty groover –

Arbor for above –

Panel raising bit –

Japanese folding pocket saw –

Spax MDF screws – (US:

Spax screws – (US:

Tongue-tite screws – (US:

Bahco 6” combi square – (US:

Festool Domino – (US:

Festool Domino assortment – (US:

Festool Domino 5 x 30mm – (US:

Festool TS55 Tracksaw – (US:

Festool Kapex 120 – (US:

Workwear (seriously, somebody asked!)

TuffStuff Extreme 700 trousers –

Scruffs Drezna trousers – (US:

Karrimor Supa 4 (not safety wear) –

Dewalt Apprentice safety boot – (US:

Photo/video gear

Seriously, gear doesn’t matter

But if you like me, you quite *like* gear and you’re curious about what I use, then here’s the list:-.

Main camera Panasonic Lumix G80 – (US – G85:

Second camera Panasonic FZ200 – (US:

‘Walk-around’ camera Panasonix TZ55 – (US:

Rode Videomic Pro – (US:

Rode SmartLav+ – (US:

Backup mic K&F concept –

Audio recorder Tascam DR 05 – (US:

Gorillapod – (US:

Ball-head – (US:

QR plates – (US:

Smartphone mount – (US:

Magic arm – (US: