Home Made Hobie Style H-Bar – Part 3

Home Made Hobie Style H-Bar – Part 3

Made from my Mom’s old walker. Make sure if you do this, you use the proper sized drill bit to drill the rivets otherwise you may damage and weaken the aluminum tubing. Part 3 shows the Bimini Top hardware, which will be the parts and method of mounting using 7/8″ external tube ends with the flat spot ground down, and 3/4″ internal tube ends for the bracket ends which will mount to the Jaw Clamps at the required height. The final fit, mounts and installed project will be featured on Part 4 of this video series.
Home Made Hobie Style H-Bar – Part 4. made from my Mom’s ‘walker’. Used Nylon Deck hinges, Jaw clamps and Clevis pins with stainless hardware.
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Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
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Final installation pics with cross piece and pool noodle –

Parts List –

1 ea. Walker

4 ea. Deck hinge (Bimini Top Hardware made by Taylor Products – )

2 ea. Jaw Clamp

4 ea. External Tube Ends 7/8″

2 ea. Internal Tube Ends 3/4″

Assorted Stainless Steel #10 or #12 Bolts, Nylon Lock Nuts, Screws, Flat Washers, Finishing Washers