Helinox Camp Table review

Helinox Camp Table review

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Hey guys. We’re here and checking out the Helinox Camp Table. Small, lightweight table, weighs 1.5 ounce 23.5 inches long, 16 inches wide. It sits two feet from the ground. Comes with three shock poles: there’s a base system, and then there’s two side poles here, just fit into this connection here. Then on top, this mesh part just sits in these four grooves. You’ve got two drink holders.

It is super awesome, super light-weight. I take it to the Boundary Waters. It’s totally worth having with. It fits down into the small bag here, so you can put it just about anywhere, hanging off the backpack. It might even fit in some purses, and it goes great with the Helinox Camp Chairs. So it’s a good combination. I’ve got a review for the Helinox Camp Chair, you can check that out.
The table’s very easy to put together, very easy to take down, goes very fast as you’ll see it in the review. Very versatile: you can use it at camping, you can use it tailgating. You can use it at your house, in your yard. Just about anywhere.

It fits in a purse, connects to a backpack. You’ll just be happy to have it. It’s worth $100 in Amazon. There’ll be a link in the description below the Purchase in Amazon. Hope you enjoy the rest of the review.

What’s up guys? Bird from www.birdknowsbest.com. Today we’re doing the Helinox Table One Camp Table. What this is, is a little camping table. It’s lightweight. It’s around 1.5 pounds. It’s got two drink holders, and it’s got the same assembly system used in the Helinox Camp chair.
So the table’s 23.5 inches long, it is 16 inches wide, and it sits 24 inches off the ground. The table weighs just under a pound and a half.

It’s super easy to install. Take it out of the bag, unfold it. You see it got legs. And you’re going to have another separate piece. Just connect that piece, leave it off to the side.
The Helinox chair, it has the similar base system with the legs just automatically pop into place, like so. Then you’ll know what goes on the ground because of these rubber parts go on the ground.
Then you set this like that, connect both of these bars, and then these little notches here slide right over these silver balls, like so. Drop that one in there. Same thing on the other side, drop it in there like so. So there you’ve got your base.

Then if you’ll notice on the table itself, there’s little spots here. These poles go on the grooves of the table, like so. Then do the same thing on the other side. And you’re done; you’ve got a super nice lightweight camp table which goes great with your matching Helinox Chair One Camp Chair.
I take a beer, you’ve got a little thing here. You can play cards on it. It’s super awesome.
It’s super easy to take the table apart. Just the opposite of what you did before. Pull off the top, leave it to the side because you’re going to put the poles in there. Take off the legs, the top poles from the legs, undo those, lay them down. Do the other one, lay it down. And then this, you take these off and they all kind of fold together like some awesome little puzzle. Then you just take them, put these in here, right Walter? Wilderness Walter is helping us with this video. Hey buddy!
Then you just roll it up, stick it in the bag that it came in. Zip it up, and it’s that easy.

It’s the Helinox Table One Camp Table. This is just a great lightweight camping table. I use it a lot on the Boundary Waters, kind of some places where weight is an issue. If you’re ultralight backpacking or something. You can also keep it in the trunk of your car. It fits in a woman’s purse. It weighs just under 1.5 pounds. It’s about $90 on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description below.
See my review here for the matching Helinox Chair One Camp Chair. Great chair, highly suggested. They’re a great combination together.

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