GTA V Online Stilt Homes – 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Dr (9 of 10)

This new stilt home in the Vinewood Hills has views to the south. There is no deck with this house but there is a small fenced yard in the front.

Color Scheme:
• Dark pink kitchen cabinets with white countertops
• Dark wood and white tile floors and dark wood accent walls
• White bedding with red and gray bedroom furniture

Home layout style 2:
• Stairs to the left of the entrance
• No waterfall art

Important Cons:
• None of the stilt homes in the “Executives and Other Criminals” DLC have direct access to the home from the garage or to the decks and balconies from inside the home.
• The Vinewood Hills streets are narrow and since you have to walk outside to get back and forth from the garage to the front door, you frequently get hit by cars driving by.
• The Heist Room is two stories down from the front door.

My two cents: The location of this house is pretty nice. It’s just north of the golf course and further west than most of the stilt homes. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the views aren’t bad for such an affordable home.